How to pick the perfect school bag for primary school?

  1. Size

The first important question when looking for a school bag is simply: “How old is my child”? Which school bag best suits which age, we show you very simply in this table.

So there are different Jeune Premier bags that are suitable for every grade, from preschool to primary school. Always keep this golden rule in mind: “Always buy a school bag that will fit your child now, not one that will fit them later when they've grown.”

  1. Ergonomics

When buying a backpack, think about good fit and comfort over price. To avoid back pain and ensure maximum comfort, the school bag must fit perfectly on your child's back. Tightening the two shoulder straps so that the backpack hangs close to the body helps to maintain a natural posture. Also look out for hip and even chest straps. By strapping it on, you concentrate the weight of your bag even more around your body. The school bag should also not be wider than your child's shoulders. A reinforced back in breathable materials increases the wearing comfort of a backpack.

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  1. Quality

You might be tempted to buy a backpack that is cheap, and just assume that if you have any problems, you can easily replace it by a new one. Cheap, low-quality backpacks usually only last a few weeks to a few months and can cause physical complaints for your child in the long run. That is why investing in quality and ergonomics is a priority! When choosing a bag, also take the material into account. Our bags are all made from recycled PET bottles, not only kind to our planet, but it is also a very sturdy and durable material. The waterproof coating ensures that the school bag can easily survive a downpour and that it is easy to wash off.

  1. Convenience
  • Finally, choose convenient, easy closures. We have ergonomic, user-friendly magnetic locks that open with a simple movement. To close, simply drop the flap down. The flap finds its way back by itself and automatically falls into the lock. Pretty easy, isn't it?

  • An external drinking bottle holder prevents water from spilling into the bag.

  • Choose a school bag with enough compartments: they allow you to carry the heaviest loads, such as a large cover or an atlas, close to your body and its centre of gravity.

  • Make sure you are seen in traffic! Think about safety and prefer a school bag with reflectors. Perfect for walking or cycling to school.

  1. Design

Finally, fall in love with your favorite design!

All our Jeune Premier bags meet the above features, so let’s go shopping!