World Cleanup Day

September 16 marks another World Cleanup Day, an annual global initiative to tackle the problem of pollution (litter) and build a new, sustainable world. It unites millions of volunteers, governments and organizations in 191 countries, all setting up small- and large-scale cleanups.

Of course, we are big supporters of such initiatives and also contribute daily to strive for a more sustainable world & fashion economy.

1. With "Second Life", we oppose a throwaway economy

“For Jeune Premier less clean-up starts with less throwing away!”

We recently launched Second Life. A second-hand platform where you, as a Jeune Premier lover, can easily give your used bag a second life by selling it safely via our platform. Others can then buy your bag at a small price through that same platform and continue to use it for a few more years. By extending the lifespan of each bag, we aim to create a circular economy, a responsible fashion industry and try to move away from a throwaway economy.

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2. Jeune Premier bags are made of recycled PET bottles

For years, we have been using recycled PET bottles to manufacture our school bags. Moreover, all our bags are 100% vegan, which means that no animal products are used in the entire production process.

3. Reusable drinking bottles to avoid plastic bottles

Where do plastic bottles end up? Yep, into rivers, which eventually end up in the sea. Animals get caught in them or think they are food and end up dying with a belly full of plastic. And that's the last thing we want. That is why we developed reusable drinking bottles in cool, attractive designs to encourage children to drink from reusable drinking bottles as much as possible and to skip the single-use plastic bottles. No plastic, no pollution, no dying animals. Simple isn't it?

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You can find all information about World Cleanup Day here: World Cleanup Day 2023