Jeune Premier launches Pure Collection - Monochrome, timeless simplicity and recognisable style

High-end school bag label Jeune Premier is proud to unveil the latest addition to their range: the Pure Collection. Born from a desire for simplicity and durability, this new line offers a fresh take on classic designs with a contemporary twist.

Tribute to simplicity
After the vibrant colour explosion that characterised the fashion world just after the corona period, a strong need for simplicity and purity arose afterwards. Hélène Fransen, Jeune Premier's talented founder and designer, noticed a shift in consumer preferences. ‘People suddenly longed for simplicity, for quality pieces that last for years because of their simple design,’ Fransen explains. This drive for minimalism and timeless elegance led to the creation of the Pure Collection.Jeune Premier new Pure CollectionPalette of timeless colours
The first drop in the Pure Collection is inspired by colours intertwined with Jeune Premier's brand DNA. The collection includes four elegant shades: Navy Blazer, Baby Blue, Baby Pink and Perfect Red. These colours have been carefully selected to offer an understated yet vibrant look. A subtle lacquer coating gives the bags a sophisticated sheen, making them stand out without losing their minimal look. Each piece is equipped with a stylish luggage tag, a playful and practical detail.

Various target groups
The collection features several models, including the James and Bobbie backpacks and the Midi school bag. Although Jeune Premier's core audience is children aged 6 to 10, the Pure Collection also targets a slightly older audience and the pieces also appeal to teenagers and mothers. ‘Our collection grows with our own son Ralph, who was also the original muse for Jeune Premier,’ says FransenJeune Premier new Pure CollectionSimilarly, their 14-year-old neighbour girl asked for a sequel to her favourite school bag and is now happily wearing a red bag from the Pure Collection. If you are used to the quality and comfort of a Jeune Premier, when you get older you don't want to go for less. This new line proves that simplicity and quality appeal to young and old alike.

For girls as well as boys
While the patent leather finish may appeal more to girls, Jeune Premier also remains committed to developing attractive options for boys. Fransen stresses that finding the right material for boys is an ongoing process, with plans for new launches in 2025 that maintain the same sheer look.Jeune Premier new Pure CollectionMix and match for unique style
One of the main features of the Pure Collection is the ability to mix and match the items. The solid colours from this line can be effortlessly combined with the prints from other Jeune Premier collections. This offers children and parents the chance to add a new touch to their school bags, for example by pimping plain bags with playful keychains or a matching printed pen bag.

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