Warranty conditions

The legal factory warranty of 2 years applies on all Jeune Premier products. However, this term is not in line with the goals of durability, quality and optimal service that our brand pursues –  three core values that we feel very strongly about.  Therefore, Jeune Premier offers a 4-year warranty on all school bags and backpacks through our Smart Warranty Extension. 


This Smart Warranty Extension allows Jeune Premier to continuously measure the quality of its products and to guarantee service for twice as long.   Cleverly following up on your feedback today, is the guarantee for our quality tomorrow.


So, our warranty starts with you! 


That is why we developed the Jeune Premier Passport and Innovation Programme, a tool that enables us to develop even better products and to let you benefit from this evolution immediately. By registering your Jeune Premier product, you will receive an automatic 2-year extra warranty on all school bags and backpacks, as well as many exclusive benefits! 


All you need to do to benefit from this 4-year warranty, is to scan the golden QR code on the Jeune Premier Passport and register your purchase.  By extending your warranty online, you will also automatically become a member of the Jeune Premier community, one big family that cares for each other and offers numerous exclusive benefits.


Excluded from this extended warranty are all Jeune Premier accessories, in particular: lunch bags, sports bags, pencil cases(including refills), drinking bottles, lunch boxes, key chains, safety lights and watches. For these items, the legal warranty period of 2 years applies.


If you wish to make a warranty claim, you can use the Jeune Premier Passport and Innovation Programme to contact us directly and easily from your personal account.  In your account, you will find the complete history of your purchases, as well as an overview of the items purchased and/or returned by you. 

A warranty claim must include proof of purchase (invoice or receipt), a description of the damage, photos of the damage and the personal address of the claimant. Photos can be easily uploaded in your personal account.

Within 2 business days of submitting the form, you will receive a response from us by email, in which the warranty case is classified and the further procedure is explained.


Of course, you can always contact us by registered mail or email:

Premiers BV

Vogelzangdreef 2

8400 Ostend



+32 (0) 483 00 72 73


Should all necessary information be available and a warranty claim arise, you will receive a return label from us. You should subsequently return the Jeune Premier bag which is the subject of your complaint to us in suitable packaging. Your schoolbag will be assessed and repaired (or otherwise) approximately 1-2 working days after receipt of the returned item. If there appears to be an irreparable defect in the product, you will be contacted again by e-mail and informed of your right to an exchange product. If the check reveals there to be no warranty, we will return your Jeune Premier schoolbag to you free of charge.


Our primary school backpacks and schoolbags are all made of a technical material that can withstand rough handling! At Jeune Premier, we have always sworn by high end 900 D polyester with Teflon coating. The specific weave and thickness of the polyester ensure the sturdiness and durability of the bag, while the Teflon coating causes rain to slide off our bags like water off a duck! All our products are 100% vegan! No animal products are used in the entire production process.


In order to offer you an insight into the sustainability of our bags, it's time for a little history lesson: after all, only having an awareness of the past can help us understand the present.

10 years ago, in the early days of Jeune Premier, our collections were manufactured in Morocco. A fantastic country with extremely friendly people with a lot of know-how. However, since there are very few raw materials available in Morocco, we still had to extensively import from far away Ostend. The upshot was that,   in the end, only assembly took place in Morocco. As this was no longer ecologically responsible, production was moved to Portugal, with 100% cotton still being made on genuine Belgian Picanol weaving machines. Portugal, too, turned out to have a wealth of craftsmen, but 100% cotton wasn't really the most ideal material to be making schoolbags from ..... The search for the perfect technical material had begun, with this treasure hunt ultimately ending in an ISO certified factory in Guangdong that meets all standards and certifications. 


To make 1 school bag, we need as many as 24 suppliers! These are all within a stone's throw of the factory, which has enabled us to reduce our ecological footprint enormously. 


Because for us, quality is key! To give our customers across the globe the quality they deserve, we collaborate with SGS for the inspection, verification, certification and testing of our products. SGS (formerly Société Générale de Surveillance, French for General Society of Surveillance) is a Swiss multinational company headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, which provides inspection, verification, testing and certification services.


Of course, we would never be able to deliver this quality without the excellent team of professionals who work day in and day out to manufacture our bags. We therefore place great emphasis on a high-quality working environment and pleasant working conditions, where rest times and the statutory 44-hour working week are respected. 


Our artisans give the best of themselves every day with great respect and love for the brand... and that shows in our products!