How to chose the perfect bag

How do you choose the perfect bag for your child?

Whether the ultimate choice falls on a pink satchel with golden glitter or a blue one with white dots, everything starts with the choice of the perfect model! The most important thing when choosing a school bag is that you buy the bag tailored to your child. Not too small, but certainly not too big. Buying a school bag "on growth" is a common mistake. While it may be good for your budget, it is bad for your child's back.

So which bag then to buy?

Is your child attending the first or second grade?

Then the following Jeune Premier models are suitable for your child:

it-bag MIDI: this Jeune Premier bag breaths the brand’s DNA and is a classic horizontal 2-compartment “cartable” after French model. This it-bag is equipped with an external water bottle holder and, what did you expect, an ergonomic easy lock and ergonomic back panel for extra back support.

Backpack Bobbie: The Bobbie is a classic model that was stripped down as an everyday bag and dressed up again as a fashion piece. The sturdiness of the bag make sure that it stays upright at any time and that you can easily store all your belongings like binders and file folders .The slanted zipper give this Bobbie backpack a modern and elegant twist.

Ergomaxx: The new showpiece of Jeune Premier has beauty and brains! This Scandinavian model is especially popular in the more northern countries where ergonomics and comfort are of paramount importance. 

The greatest advantage of the ergomaxx is the fact that the ingenious carrying system ensures that 50% of the weight of the bag is shifted from the shoulders to the hips. This bag is really full option due to its fully adjustable back panel, external water bottle holder, easy locks, reflectors, etc … In short, the Rolls Royce of the school bags!


     Itbag Midi                   Backpack Bobbie         Backpack Ergomaxx

Is your child going to the third grade or up?

Then you should focus on the folowing model:

Backpack James: Both parents and their children agree: this bag is a winner! Its shape makes it super original and attractive, but the real wow effect is gained when you open the bag : a harmonica system unfolds to classify and organize all your school supplies.

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