"Children must be happy there and everything necessary is done to surround them with all the care and devotion they would receive at home." Prince Albert - Founder Royal Work IBIS - 6 July 1906

We don't care for discounts. We care for proper education for all children.
That's why Jeune Premier donates €5, for each bag sold, to the IBIS foundation. An organisation that devotes itself to ensure a proper education to the unprivilieged children and outcasts of our society.

Royal Work IBIS was founded in 1906 to provide a safe home for orphans of fishing families. The school functioned as a shelter for the fishermen's orphans and helped to reduce the shortage of well-trained fishermen. IBIS was established on a former 43-metre gunboat. This floating school had room for eighty children. At the age of twelve, the pupils left the ship to work on school fishing vessels, where they completed their training as sailors or fishermen. Since its foundation, IBIS has sheltered two thousand boys.
Nowadays, IBIS offers its pupils a home, a maritime education and a future. Children between the ages of six and sixteen, often marked by a complex past, can go there. IBIS is a home port for them, where structure and human warmth are a priority.
Award-winning Belgian photographer Stephan Vanfleteren portrayed them in their traditional sailor suits and the result is heart breaking and joyful at the same time (Angels of the Sea). 
Let's have a look: