Review policy

Information about product reviews


Premiers offers customers who have purchased a certain product the possibility to share their experience with this product and post a review on the website. For this Premiers offers customers a 5% discount on the products ordered.


Customers who write a review after purchasing the product in question via the website are referred to as "verified purchasers".


Wherever possible Premiers will verify the authenticity of product reviews on the website, in particular reviews written by non-verified buyers. Premiers may remove a review without notice for the following reasons:

  • inappropriate language;
  • references to other websites or promotions for third-party products or services;
  • reviews that have nothing to do with the product or the consumer experience;
  • spam;
  • reviews written by fake profiles or people who clearly did not buy the product.


Premiers will not remove any reviews solely because they contain a negative experience or rating. Premiers will not edit the content of any reviews that are published.


Premiers takes into account all customer reviews for scoring a particular product, unless they are removed for the reasons mentioned above. Premiers makes a selection of the written reviews on the website on the basis of their relevance. The reviews are ranked by default on "most recent". Internet users can change the ranking to "highest rating", "lowest rating" and "most helpful".


Customers cannot edit or delete reviews themselves. If a customer wishes to remove a review or report a potentially false or misleading review, this can always be done by e-mailing