A packed school backpack that feels light?

Jeune Premier uses mountain technology to improve carrying comfort of packed schoolbags.

WHO recommendations state that a child should carry a maximum of 10% of her weight during prolonged exercise. Repeatedly exceeding this limit can cause serious strain on the child's development.

Besides textbooks and notebooks, schoolbags also contain pencil cases, drinking bottles, lunch boxes and accessories. The total weight of the bag practically always exceeds the permissible 10%. A heavy burden to carry for our school-age children!

At Jeune Premier, we literally did not take this "lightly". Inspired by mountaineering, where mountaineers struggle with the same problem, we developed a type of school bag that takes the weight off the shoulders, the Ergomaxx.

Check-out how mountaineers put on their backpack, the same way as we recommend to put on the Jeune Premier Ergomaxx: HOW TO FIT A BACKPACK: physio tip - YouTube

A packed school backpack that feels light?

The Ergomaxx features an ingenious back panel with wide hip belt. Moreover, the panel is adjustable so it grows with the child. The Ergomaxx carrying system ensures that the entire weight is redistributed from the shoulders to the pelvis. As a result, 50% of the backpack's weight is taken off the shoulders, doubling carrying comfort. It is therefore also called the Rolls-Royce of school backpacks.

A packed school backpack that feels light?

The Jeune Premier Ergomaxx guarantees your child at least 4 years of optimal carrying comfort during her most important growth years.

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