Why is the Jeune Premier Ergomaxx so important for your child?

Children often drag a lot of ballast to and from school, putting too much weight on the shoulders. Our ingenious system shifts 50% of the backpack's weight from the shoulders to the pelvis. The Jeune Premier Ergomaxx has all the features that reduce the load on your daughter or son's back and contributes to perfect posture and an upright back. We don't call the Ergomaxx the Rolls-Royce among schoolbags and backpacks for nothing.

So when buying a backpack, think about a good fit and choose comfort over price. Cheap, "inferior" schoolbags and backpacks are often characterised by insufficient support. They may lack adjustable straps, sturdiness in the design and sufficient padding, making them stressful for the back and causing incorrect posture.


  • The adjustable, padded back panel in breathable material makes it easy to adjust the backpack to your child's height. The Ergomaxx grows with your daughter or son, as it were, from a body height of 100 to 150 cm, allowing the school bag to be used for a long time. The padded design in breathable material ensures first-class carrying comfort.
  • The fixed chest strap stabilises the backpack and relieves pressure on the shoulder joints.
  • The back straps ensure that the backpack stays in place and is worn high on the back, allowing your child to maintain his/her natural posture.
  • The waist belt shifts 50% of the backpack's weight from the shoulders to the pelvis, ensuring perfect posture and a straight back.
  • The reflectors around the Ergomaxx ensure optimal visibility in traffic.
  • The magnetic lock opens with 1 simple movement, making it top convenience for children.
  • The external water bottle holder with holes prevents water from leaking into the backpack.
  • The metal zips, instead of plastic ones, extend the life of the bag allowing it to be used for longer.
  • The water- and dirt-resistant coating keeps your school bag looking nice for much longer.

As an occupational therapist working in a rehabilitation centre with children, I very often see heavily loaded schoolbags. They are often too big, not made to measure and cause a lot of shoulder, back and neck pain. Jeune Premier has launched the Ergomaxx backpack. Besides an ergonomic design, which ensures good back support, it is trendy and hip to boot. The children at our rehabilitation centre are already fans!
- Kim Brouns, occupational therapist

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