Safe to school = fashionable on an adventure

We at Jeune Premier not only attach great importance to fashion, but safety is also at the top of our list. Studies show that primary school children's traffic awareness is relatively weak and they cannot properly assess difficult traffic situations, as a result of which accidents occur more often. Estimating a certain distance is also a tricky issue. That's why you better send your daughter or son to school safely. And this in a fashionable way? We know how!

However your children go to school, make sure they are clearly visible in traffic. Soon the days will be shorter so standing out during the morning and evening rush hour is a must!

  1. Bodyglower

Be visible on the street with the most fashionable Bodyglower. Thanks to the reflective fabric, your daughter or son is visible in the dark up to 150 meters away, which is far if you imagine that a football field is a maximum of 120 meters long. Without a fluorescent jacket and with dark clothes, the visibility in the dark only reaches 20 meters, with light clothes only up to 50 meters.

Also make sure that the Bodyglower is not too big. The reflective strips are less visible if the arm openings are too large. Also pay attention to the closure. Velcro seems easy, but quickly damages a beautiful jacket. Therefore choose a zipper.

Jeune Premier Bodyglower

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  1. Safety lights

In addition to a fluorescent vest, it is also important that the school bag itself is clearly visible. That is why we developed Safety Lights that can be clicked into the locks of our bags. Not only lights on the bike, but also on the school bag ensure optimal visibility!

Jeune Premier Led lights

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  1. Reflective details

All Jeune Premier Ergomaxx backpacks are also equipped with reflective strips on the front and side of the bag.

In addition, we also launched a unique, ultra-safe line that is entirely devoted to reflection. The Reflectosaurus is not an extinct, prehistoric animal, but a cool dinosaur, made of a fully reflective fabric, to guide your daughter or son safely through traffic.

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